RR before Pleven R7

Already 6 rounds of the BMU European Road Racing Championship for season 2019 are in the history now. After 4 starts in Greece, Serres and 2 in Romania, Motopark, the situation before Pleven, Bulgaria looks like this:

SP125, current leader in the class right now is Julieta Lenkova – Apostolova, MSC Pleven, BMF, Aprilia, who made it possible after 4 unsatisfying 2nd places in Serres but got a double win in Motopark and leads the 125 group with 130 points. In the new, but very fast growing SSP300 class, Christos Papanikolau, ARES, AMOTOE, Kawasaki, is unbeatable from the beginning of the season with six out of six wins and the maximum of 150 points. Milen Georgiev, Kida Motorsport, BMF, Yamaha is the current leader in SSP600 class but he needs a strong and safe ride if he wants to keep the advantage ahead of his rivals. SuperBike is the playground of Angel Karanyotov, OverDrive Racing Team, BMF and his Ducati, who made the maximum as of this moment with 6 out of 6 wins and the max. 150 points for the championship. F600 right now belongs to Yanislav Dimitrov, Motomania.bg, BMF, Yamaha, who has a clear advantage of more than 64 points ahead of the other riders in the class and looks strong and prepared for the title in 2019. As for F1000, Hristian Hristov, MSC BG Power, Kawasaki is the current leader, despite the not so good results in Motopark during his maiden participation there.
How the standings will change at Pleven depends on many factors, so we have to wait and see, but until then, more detailed looks of who did what can be seen at the complete results in the RR Current Standings Section.